Starter plan and Professional options


Your POWER CAPTCHA options

Get basic website protection with the Starter plan or take advantage of the wide range of additional options with our Professional or Enterprise plan. Do you have questions about your license or our offers? In our FAQ you will find explanations of the individual features and terminology of the POWER CAPTCHA plans and additional options. By default, POWER CAPTCHA is offered as a cloud solution, but if required, you can also procure our application as an in-house version.




49 EUR


Basic protection for commercial use. License for one domain.


149 EUR


Comprehensive protection for commercial use. License for one domain.


289 EUR


Maximum protection for commercial use. License for one domain.


Free plan

Would you like to protect your private hobby website against bots and hackers? You can use our Free plan for your non-commercial website.

The Free plan is limited to one license per customer and is valid for one domain. Find out more in our e-shop!


Additional services

You would like to book additional services to your license or you need more support? We offer the following additional options:

Do you have questions about the features included in the POWER CAPTCHA plans and additional options? Find explanations to all contents and features in our FAQ.

Do you have questions about our additional services or do you need a Data Processing Agreement? Please contact our sales department!

Captcha Free-Version und Enterprise-Optionen, Lizenz, kostenfrei, kostenlos, free, inhouse, on-premise, FAQ, Fragen


On-Premises Version

You want to use POWER CAPTCHA for your company or authority, but only software solutions installed on your own systems come into question? POWER CAPTCHA is also available as on-premises version for local installation on your infrastructure. Contact us for more information!

Captcha Free-Version und Enterprise-Optionen, Lizenz, kostenfrei, kostenlos, free, inhouse, on-premise, FAQ, Fragen


Looking for your own design?

Adapt POWER CAPTCHA to your own design, Corporate Design Captcha

With our Enterprise plan, you can also request access to our POWER CAPTCHA editor, which you can use to customize your captchas to your corporate design:

Adapt POWER CAPTCHA to your own design, Corporate Design Captcha

FAQ Plans

Questions about our plans? Check our FAQ for answers!

Do you have questions about the terms or contents of our plans? Here you can find explanations to all features.

Protects all selected forms and buttons of your website

You can protect as many forms and buttons on your website as you want. One license is limited to one domain. For a subdomain you need another license.

Unlimited POWER CAPTCHA uses

Your website is always protected. POWER CAPTCHA can be displayed and solutions checked as often as you need.


Captchas with High-Performance-Credits are provided with the highest priority (usually a few milliseconds). When your supply of High-Performance-Credits is depleted, the speed of deployment decreases. However, your website will still be protected.

Book additional High-Performance-Credits

If you can’t manage with the included quota and want to offer a very fast performance to all users, you can book additional High-Performance-Credits. You will receive a notification from POWER CAPTCHA when your credits are about to be used up. Additionally booked credits will be used automatically when the monthly included quota is used up. Booked High-Performance-Credits can be used up within one year after provisioning.

Increase difficulty level

The displayed captcha becomes more complex after multiple calls.

Monitoring period

The monitoring period specifies how long a value (e.g. IP address) is monitored (and stored) by our system. The period is restarted with each interaction (e.g. submitting the form protected with POWER CAPTCHA) and ends after the set time. After the period expires, the value is deleted.

Limit solution attempts

Number of allowed wrong solutions of the displayed captcha before users (e.g. IP address) are blocked.

Blocking time for unsolved captcha

Blocking time for a value (e.g. IP address) after reaching the limit you set under “Limit solution attempts”.

Delay display of POWER CAPTCHA

You can set after how many uses of a value (e.g. IP address) a captcha is displayed. Alternatively, you can also set that no captcha is displayed at all and only the security mechanisms run in the background.

Easy accessibility (2-factor authentication)

Instead of solving the displayed captcha, users can request an access code via email.

Individualized sender identification for 2-factor authentication

You can set an alias name for the sender of the emails sent as part of 2-factor authentication. For example, the name of your website can appear as the sender.

Additional protection of login names, email addresses, etc.

This function can be used,for example, to ensure that login attempts with a user name are limited or to limit the use of contact forms with the same sender.


With this online tool you can create, test and deploy your own captchas according to your design requirements. The captcha editor is available on request for the Enterprise plan.

Test our POWER CAPTCHA demo


Test now!

Test our POWER CAPTCHA demo

You want to test POWER CAPTCHA live? Start our demo and simulate the application on your website / app.


Get started with POWER CAPTCHA

Starte jetzt mit POWER CAPTCHA - einfach zu installieren und DSGVO-konform.

You want to use POWER CAPTCHA on your website? Then get your license here and follow our step-by-step instructions.

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