Free plan

With the POWER CAPTCHA Free plan, you can protect forms and login areas on your private hobby website from unwanted access.

0,00  / year

Details Free plan


Protect your private hobby website / API from bots and hackers with our Free plan. The Free plan is only available for private use and is limited to one license per customer.


The Free plan includes the following features:


  • Protects all selected forms and buttons of your website
  • Unlimited POWER CAPTCHA uses
  • Adjustable limit for solution attempts
  • 300 High-Performance-Credits / month
  • Automatic increase in the difficulty of POWER CAPTCHA
  • Monitoring period: 30 minutes
  • Blocking time for unsolved captcha: 5 / 15 minutes
  • Service channels: FAQ / e-mail without guaranteed priority


The Free tariff is provided as a cloud solution. Within the Free tariff, at least 5 preset Captcha background motifs are displayed, which are changed regularly.


Do you have questions about the content or terminology? You can find explanations of all features in our FAQ.


Further configuration options, CI customizations and additional security levels are available with our Professional and Enterprise plans.

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